Increasing organic traffic might seem a tough nut to crack, but it is indeed achievable. More organic traffic means more opportunity to get leads.

Google Analytics is an excellent tool that provides data that can be used to boost organic traffic.

This SEO measurement tool helps you to optimize your website in a way that it leads to a substantial increase in traffic.

The blog reveals ten of the most effective Google Analytics SEO hacks that will help you to boost your traffic.

#1 Hack: Optimize and improve the navigation

Every website focuses on the homepage (the place from where the visitors can go to different internal pages). Google Analytics reveals that most of the times the pages other than the homepage receive the most traffic.

For example, if you have a homework help webpage and there’s a blog section that you update regularly, there is a possibility that maximum traffic comes from the blog pages.

Google Analytics shows you where the traffic came from and the pages visited by the target audience. You need to filter the traffic by the sources from where it is coming.

Following this, you should also see the pages where the traffic is going after the first page. This information will help you to identify the path that your visitors follow. You should include a clear call to action to help the visitors navigate these paths.

After knowing about these paths, you can place new posts to get traffic. Ignoring these pages will cost you organic traffic, leads and potential sales.


 #2 Hack: Try to boost the ranks of the underperforming

Every organization is trying to create the best content. You need to put more and more effort and time to draft good content. However, if a lot of time is invested in creating the content, there will be very few articles.

And without good content, your SEO results will definitely get affected. Instead of writing new posts, you can improve the previous content. This can help you to increase your conversions.

To work on your underperforming content, you should start with the ones that are easier to work on. Use Google Analytics to search for the ‘search console’ button. From there, click on the ‘queries’ button, which will show the ‘search queries report’.

You can see the ranking of your pages for every search query. As the users always assume the results on the first page of the Google ranking to be the best, they usually don’t go to other pages. Hence, you must improve the ranking to get more traffic.

For this, you need to find the ‘advanced’ option and set the ‘average position’ to ‘greater than 10’. Analyze the results to see all the low performing pages on which you can work simultaneously.

Now, you need to optimize these pages to improve their rankings.


#3 Hack: Watch the referral traffic to get link opportunities

You are most probably getting many referral traffic if you are successfully promoting your website via guest posting, Quora, forums, etc. You should check your referral traffic report regularly.

By using Google Analytics, you can find out the traffic that is coming from unknown sources. Utilize this information to find out the thread or website and contact the site owner. Keep repeating the process to build new link opportunities.


#4 Hack: Ensure you get emails of the top Google Analytics data

If you get direct emails regarding important Google Analytics data, you will be able to save a lot of your time. You won’t have to go through tons of data as the useful data will be emailed to you directly.

When you get email reports, you will not have to spend hours browsing analytics to find out data that will assist you to boost traffic.

To set the Google Analytics email reports, you need to go to the admin section. Then, go to the ‘view’ section and select ‘all website data’.

After that, you will see the ‘custom alerts’ option. Now, you need to set up the custom alerts to get updates via emails and text messages when any significant event happens on your website.


Google Analytics SEO Hacks
Google Analytics SEO Hacks Google Analytics SEO Hacks


#5 Hack: Discover additional keyword by making a profile filter

A great way to discover the performance of your site for specific keywords is to check the queries report in Google Analytics. As all the queries are shown in a big group, it becomes difficult to find the additional keyword information.

However, you can find out this information by making a profile filter. You cannot use the profile filter for historical data but only for new visits.

Google Analytics puts on a filter to a search term that matches with the additional keyword. Now, you need to analyze your landing page reports to increase engagement.


#6 Hack: Use Query reports to understand the intent of keywords

To understand if your website is getting the right traffic, you must know the keyword intent.  This way, you will be able to choose the right keyword for your site and deliver the exact thing that your visitors are looking for.

Usually, there are four kinds of keywords: informational, navigational, transactional, and investigational.

For example, you would like to use transactional keywords if you have a website for selling products. You must identify the keyword intent if you want the right traffic to generate sales and revenues on your site.


#7 Hack: Focus on the user location to make local content

If you want to bring converted and targeted traffic to your site, you should focus on the local listing. Google Analytics can help you with localizing your content.

You need to go to the ‘audience’ section, ‘Geo’ and select ‘location’ from there. You will get to view an overview of the nations from where traffic is coming to your site.

This data will help you to tailor your content location wise. If you want detailed information, Google Analytics can show you popular cities where people are visiting your site. This will help you to create specific content and increase local search traffic.


#8 Hack: Check bounce rate data to increase the website conversion rate

The bounce rate is a significant metric that shows the percentage of the visit on a single page or web session. It presents the percentage of traffic that navigated away after viewing one page. This metric helps you to identify the quality of your website and reveals how much value they provide to your visitors.

A lower bounce rate is always better because it indicates that the content is useful (which made the visitors stay on the page).

To find the bounce rate of your web page, you need to go to Google Analytics and then select ‘behaviour’. You have to go to site content and then click on landing pages. Monitor the bounce rate and improve the pages to reduce the rate.


#9 Hack: Guide the traffic over to the pages that have the highest conversion rate

The most effective way to turn your visitors into buyers is to direct them to the pages that have a high conversion rate. Google Analytics helps you to find out how or which path the visitors are following to convert. Go to the ‘Conversions’ section in Google Analytics.

Then, select the ‘reverse goal path’ option under the ‘goals’ section. You will see the steps following which people visited your page. Google Analytics ranks the path created by the steps taken according to the frequency of the visitors.

You can include call to actions and internal links to send people to the top performing pages.


#10 Hack: Study page engagement between a desktop and a mobile

Although mobile users have increased largely in recent times, you should not invest all your time and resources only on optimizing mobile users. Google Analytics helps you to discover and examine the results of desktop and mobile channels.

Use Google Analytics to go to the ‘audience’ section and then select the mobile ‘overview’ tab. Choose your primary conversion/sales goal to divide your tabulated data. You should analyze the conversions from both mobile and desktop, and use the data to improve your pages.


Parting words:

Google Analytics is like a gold mine that provides you with crucial data to boost organic traffic. The tactics mentioned above will help you to drive more people to your website.

However, it will be wise to consider that there is no fixed hack that will bring you instant success. You should keep on experimenting with different tactics to boost the credibility of your website.

With that, we wrap up our most effective Google Analytics SEO hacks from SEO West Palm that will help you to boost your traffic. Let us know which one worked for you and which didn’t in the comments section below.