Shanghai ABC Fast Bike Company (name changed) is a bike manufacturer based in the major industrial city of Hangzhou, in Eastern China, near to the city of Shanghai, started by a slightly late middle-aged man, in his late fifties, eighteen months ago. Mr. Wee (name changed), as everyone likes to address him as, can be said to be at the top of his game. Having retired exactly eighteen months earlier from another quite famous bike manufacturer in the city of Shanghai, where he was the plant in-charge for 35 years, overseeing the manufacture of a large number of bikes of all varieties on a daily basis. A plant and an accompanying brand name with at least a 60-year-old pedigree, if not more. Mr.Wee’s earlier employer is a name to be reckoned with in the very competitive global bicycle market, where market reputation, dealership networks, having the right product mix, besides having to spend tons of advertisement money, on connecting and re-connecting with buyers, is more of the norm than the exception, for a successful bike maker. 

Once having retired, and without wasting as much as a second of precious time, Mr.Wee immediately went about setting about a mini-plant based on his years of experience gained while associated with his former employer. However, Mr. Wee, being a very practical man, and one who friends and colleagues, have come to regard as a man of great wisdom, presumably assumed and well so, that replicating the success of his employer across product categories was not a feasible objective, and hence focused his new plant production on a certain specific high-value product, that being a Mountain Bike, mainly used by bike enthusiasts and fitness freaks, world over, and also attracting premium prices over other types of bikes. 

And it was in relation to promoting his premium engineered designs world over, in various languages that Mr. Wee found our Agency, after a thorough online search, and quite frankly after a lengthy screening process, of asking innumerable questions, and samples, that Mr. Wee decided to partner with us – and we have been assisting him with all kind of translation services of product specifications across into a nearly half a dozen European languages – French, German, Swedish, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Dutch – besides Arabic and Farsi. 

It be said, his bike sales have grown into the tens of thousands on a monthly basis, and all of it credit to the expertise and market insight of Mr. Wee, and his many years in the trade, and also, let it be said, with a bit of strategic lingual help from the Professional Linguists at our Agency.


About the Author:
Dr. Dipankar Kundu is the owner of Dar Al Marjaan Translation Services. He is an author of various books &  blogs on topics related to Language & Linguistics, Content Development & Marketing, AI, Web Development & Social Media Marketing.