Getting clients and customers for a business is like looking for a needle in a haystack. There is a lot of competition, and it’s challenging to make yourself stand out from the crowd, and harder to retain those customers. Especially when it comes to businesses like marketing agencies, there is always a question of quantifying what you can do for the client since marketing campaigns often have varying results. 

Finding clients for digital marketing agencies has another added aspect – you have to be the industry leader in the service you provide since clients can globalize in employing agencies. While they do just that for their client – find customers – digital marketing agencies may find themselves in a fix while looking for customers themselves. 

Here we present a few simple methods and channels through which you can easily source your clients. 

Create a Website 

The first and foremost step is to create a website. Since you would be increasing your clients’ digital presence, you should have your credible online presence. Having a website means a one-stop solution to let the clients know about you and your digital marketing agency. It can provide a portfolio of your work and your services. If a website content matches your client’s needs, it’s a good chance you will land the client. Clear contacting information will make it easier for the client to approach you directly to promote their business.

Step Out Into the Real World 

When it comes to digital marketing, people think that clients can be found only through the internet. If you want the real clients, step out into the real world. Go to your local businesses and ask them if they need any help going online. Understand their business and formulate a customized plan. This way, you’ll build an interpersonal relationship with the business, retaining them for a longer time and also getting word-of-the-mouth marketing done. 

Online Visibility 

The greater your online visibility, the higher your potential clients’ chances of trusting you for their digital marketing. Being active on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms is a great opportunity to get clients. As you will be more visible and active, you will start to create awareness about your work. When you are visible enough to the people, they will learn more about you and possibly become your client. 

Take Help from Guest Blogs 

Through guest blogging, you can increase the visibility of your brand. It takes time to show results, but you will see that you are connecting with new people after guest blogging. Always when you do a guest post, don’t forget to leave your website link so that people can reach your website. It is a long term strategy, and you can’t see results overnight, but it is a proven and effective method of creating awareness about your agency. 


A webinar is a very interactive way of getting more people to know about your business. Through the webinar, you can either teach or share your advice about the services you’re providing. You can directly converse with tens of your clients together, saving time, cost, and effort. 

Social Media Advertising 


Through Facebook ads, you can get more clients. Facebook is a very vast platform to promote your services to users. You can also boost your post from your Facebook account. Create the post so that it can easily attract people to your post to be your client. Facebook ads are cheap and targeted, giving you greater returns. 


Instagram has 500 million monthly users, so it would be easy to find people to connect with on Instagram. On Instagram, through promoting your post, you can build strong connections with people. Instagram is a great way to showcase your work related to graphic designing and other visual services. 

Google AdWords 

Google AdWords gives you the chance to rank on the Google search result. If anyone searches for a digital marketing agency, you will be on the first page, and being on the first page means many customers will come to your website. After visiting your website, they will approach you to work for them. 

In this way, you can easily find clients for your digital marketing agency.