According to Cisco videos will account for 82% of internet traffic including both buyers and sellers. Their research continues, to forecast that the number of people using videos to buy or sell a product will multiply four-fold in the period from 2017 to 2022.

We know simply by the observation that if given the chance of having to read a 7-9 minute article or watching a 3-minute video, the majority will choose the video in the blink of an eye. Major business investors agreed that achieving a swift ROI was much more comfortable using videos as a marketing tool.

Video marketing cannot be ignored!

Sure there are many articles on how you can use videos as a great marketing tool. But did you know that using videos on Twitter or your marketing blog page can also increase SEO rankings? OK, so your videos are hosted on YouTube, but they still help you improve your on-page SEO.

Some expert advice especially for marketing individuals, videos are the best way to get ahead of the competition. Sure you have a lot of competition in your field of business but, a dazzling video highlighting your unique attributes will embed memories in the customer’s mind.

If they are seriously interested in your product, it will give the customer something to think about long after they’ve switched off that video. Let’s look at some of the other reasons why using videos is profitable for business before we talk about how we can apply those techniques on Twitter.


Videos Promote Sales and Conversions

Videos can help achieve some serious business goals. Businesses which included a video on their landing page increased conversions by 80%, in comparison to companies which used means other than video. Videos are the only tool which can lead to immediate sales.

You have a wealthy potential client with an urgent need for your product browsing the page. The potential client goes through the video, realizes that your product could be the solution to their specific problem. And boom! Just like that, you have a sale.

Numerous studies have shown that if your product actually delivers what it promised, this client will automatically bring in more sales for you using their own references.

The consecutive sales brought in by this customer’s recommendations will be just as simple and straightforward as the first one. No questions asked!

If you think about it, even marketing podcasts are successful, and videos also use one of our most powerful senses, sight. There is no doubt that videos will be successful.


Understanding the Main Goals of a Productive Video

How do you get viewers to actually watch the video to the end and get your point across? This is the main goal that your marketing plan needs to address. For any video to be productive and crowd-pleasing at the same time, it needs to tell a story.

Whatever your product or service is, the video will present a story which will clarify the use and advantages of your product or service. Just like any good story, the video also needs to have a comprehensible beginning, middle and a vivid culmination.

There are four fundamental factors to a good video. The first factor is to captivate the viewer’s interest. Create a need for the product or service you are about to introduce to the viewer. Give the viewer appropriate background information for the product you are about to introduce.

The second factor is to inform. For the video to be successful in achieving its goals it needs to provide useful information of all the features and facilities without sounding like a documentary.

The next two points might sound unimportant, but these are the two factors which will become the game changer for sceptical customers.

The third point is to entertain. The customer is watching a video, but the tone doesn’t have to be like a formal classroom setting. Don’t push the customer.

This brings us to our last point. All of these points need to keep in mind your viewers. Tailor the video to match your audience. For example, the video for a product designed for doctors will have a different pitch than one designed for teenagers.


Creating a Successful Twitter Marketing Strategy

A well-conceived marketing strategy will become the foundation of success for a business. The marketing strategy will determine the difference between profitable businesses and has-beens.

According to this global marketing guide, a marketing strategy is pivotal to determine the success of a business especially when there is plenty of competition.

Without a marketing strategy, entrepreneurs will be wasting their time and money haphazardly pursuing their business. It will become difficult for them to quantify their success or the amount of their financial loss without a marketing strategy.

The marketing strategy needs to define current assets, short-term goals, long-term goals and the methods of achieving those goals in details.

No marketing plan is flawless. There will be some hiccups on the way to achieving those goals. Some incidences demand the investor’s attention and the need to take an ad hoc decision.

Let’s look at some practical ways that business investors can use Twitter to achieve marketing goals.


1. Twitter Bio Optimization

Before you start posting videos of your product and your sales pitch it is imperative to tweak your Twitter bio. Twitter bio is only 160 characters. That is not much considering there is so much to cover. It doesn’t hurt to check how your competition has crafted their Twitter bio.

Here are some more Twitter bio ideas to acquire more followers. Alternatively, you could use the help of an expert writing service like the Crowd Writer to craft a personalized Twitter bio.

The information delivered in the bio needs to match the videos which will be posted. It is advisable to include a link to your company website or landing page.


2. Get Colleagues Involved

Becoming an influencer from day one will be difficult. The best way to grow your business venture is to start internally. If you have employees, managers, coworkers and business partners bring them all to the table.

Include them in your Twitter connections and get them involved in the tweeting and re-tweeting process. Ask all these people to connect to as many people as they ethically can, without stepping on any toes.

The main objective should not be to try and expand as fast as possible at this time. The main goal should be to build strong relationships first and then look for real opportunities to expand your network.


3. Identify Local Experts and Influencers

Every field of business has its business magnates. These people are experts and influencers in their trade. Just being associated with people like these will give your entire team a PR boost.

There are tools like Followerwonk and Topsy to help you find amicable business influencers, customers and prospects. Make a list of the most influential people related to your business situated close to your locality. Engage with these celebrities daily by adding them to a private Twitter list.

Try to build a connection with these individuals before trying to promote your own product or service. Once you have their attention look for ways to collaborate and affiliate with each other.


4. Tweeting Consistently

Some people think that they are bothering their audience by tweeting every now and then. The reason why everyone else is doing it is that they will become yesterday’s news if they do not tweet regularly.

The best way to go about it is to tweet at least daily. You can use the videos once daily but try to diversify your content.

Have the courage to talk about other subjects too, instead of just your product. This way you will be able to develop a diverse audience.


5. Following the Latest Trends

This is the best way to get some much needed easy publicity. Keeping up to date with the latest trends and making your brand or product relevant is the easiest way to get noticed.

People might not be searching for your product or brand directly. But they will be searching for the latest trends. Once they search for the latest fashions your brand will automatically be included in the results since it is pertinent to the trend.


6. Utilizing Twitter Analytics

Using Twitter’s own analytics tool daily is the best way to get an idea of what is reverberating with your audience and what is not.

With the analytics dashboard, in place, you will be able to identify which days are more favourable to tweeting. The dashboard will also let you know what types of content are more popular with your audience.

This means that you will be able to know directly if your videos are a success or not. You will also be able to identify which videos are more successful than others. Once you find out what your audience is looking for, it is simply a matter of replicating that secret formula.