All marketing is playing at people’s psychology, either convincing, impress, or trick at buying their product. As the market is very small and there are many companies taking their products to the market for us to buy them. And the purchasing power of customers is limited. So for customers to purchase companies’ products, they use very influencing tactics, sometimes bordering on evil. And we are going to discuss these tricks and how you can avoid these tricks to save yourself from buying these products by getting influenced. 

If you have ever wondered that whenever you go shopping, you buy many things that were never on your list, this is what marketing does to influence you to buy things that you never intended to, and these tactics attract you towards that product. 

Shopping Carts

If you have ever noticed that previously the shopping carts used to be small, but as time changed businesses have started making the shopping carts bigger so that people buy more. For example, if you go somewhere outside to eat and you order only a burger and another guy sitting in front of you orders a full meal with fries and Pepsi, then the next thing that you will do is to buy that meal so you won’t look poor in front of others. 

This is the feeling that the businesses use on you to buy more products and fill your cart fully. 

And the easiest way to get rid of this influence on you is that whenever you go shopping, ask for a small cart or shopping basket that is usually for a few items, so in that way, you won’t be easily tricked into buying because of these marketing tricks. 

Placement of the products 

Every time you go to the shop you see that everything looks so attractive and very pleasing, everything is placed at a place where you will always look to buy according to your need. When you enter the grocery store, the first thing that you notice is that fruits and vegetables in the front row that people immediately add to their baskets for a healthy life and the important things like milk and bread are placed at the end of the store so that if you want to buy them, you have to go through all the store and

then reach at last in this way people buy different things placed at their eye-level which are costly as well attractive that every business wants to be sold more. In this way, people easily end up buying other things because of the placement of the products. 

To get out of this, the best way is always to make a shopping list before you go to the store so that you won’t get easily confused and influenced by marketing tricks. And if you ever want to buy something, look at it below and above your eye-level as well so that you can get cheap products; otherwise, you will end up buying expensive products because of their marketing tactics. 


5.99, 4.99, 0.99, these are not just numbers; they are the trick that businesses use on you to buy their products; when you go in a shop and see chocolate for 4.99, then you think you are saving that 0.01. Still, you end up paying 4.99 because of the greediness of saving and you are tricked into buying that chocolate. And if you don’t believe it; in a survey of buying behavior, it was shown that people have started buying more because of this type of pricing, also known as ‘charm pricing’. It attracts buyers towards the product in the sense of saving that one extra dime. 

The way that you can escape from this trick is that whenever you go on buying something with this pricing than always think that you are paying 6.00 not 5.99 as in this way you will not spend more because many times people think that they are paying only 5.00, but the pricing is 5.99. People tend to ignore the last digits, and these sometimes end up disturbing their budgets.

These are some tricks that businesses usually use on you so that you buy more, but if you follow the tips to avoid these tricks, it will surely help you save a lot more in shopping and buying actually what you want rather than what they want to sell.